Media in Motion

Heiko Daxl & Ingeborg Fülepp GbR



X-OP - eXchange of art operators and producers 2008 – 20111 Videochannels >>>>


Prag 15. - 17. May

enter Festival, CIANT >>>>

Helsinki 09. - 13. November 2010 Program >>>>

Island Suomenlina by Helsinki, the Meeting place of X-OP >>>>

MoKs, Mooste, Estonia 14. - 18. August 2010Program >>>>

Photo Gallery: Sightseeing >>>> Meeting >>>> Lounch >>>> Gathering >>>>

Abrantes and Tomar, Portugal, 30. April. - 7. May 2010 Program >>>>

Photo Gallery: Abrantes >>>> Instituto Politecnico de Tomar >>>> Tomar >>>>

Sao Teotonio >>>> Zambujeira do Mar >>>>

Istanbul, Turkey, 5th – 7th November 2009

Organized by Apartment Project

as parallel event to 11th Istanbul Biennial

Media in Motion have presented 60 Min. of video program “Playful Structures" >>>>

Photo Gallery: " No Comment" >>>>


Novigrad / Cittanova, Croatia, 31. August - 3. September 2009

In a frame of Media-Scape 2009, "Infinite Games" >>>>

Organized by: Heiko Daxl / Ingeborg Fülepp Media in Motion (HR/D) Niksa Gligo, University of Zagreb, Music Academy (HR), Jerica Ziherl, MMSU Rijeka (HR), Djanino Bozic and Ketrin Milicevic-Miosek, Museum Lapidariun and Gallery RIGO Novigrad / Cittanova; (HR)

Video Documentation >>>>


Mação, Portugal, 26. - 30. May 2009

"NoWhere", a symposium on landscape, technology, art, identity and (human) nature

Organized by Gonçalo Leite Velho, Instituto Politecnico de Tomar Programme >>>> I Photomovies: Macao >>>> I Alvega-Ortiga >>>>


Berlin, Gemany 26. - 29. January 2009

Organized by: Heiko Daxl and Ingeborg Fülepp, Media in Motion Berlin

In a frame of exhibition "„Wa(h)re Kunst“ / True Art -Truly Merchandise", curator Georgi Begun at ConcentArt

Programme and Participants >>>> I Folder >>>> I Photomovies: Opening >>>> I Symposium >>>>I Photos >>>> I Video Stills >>>>  I Video Documentation >>>>  


Novigrad / Cittanova, Croatia, 29. August - 1. September 2008

In a frame of Media-Scape 2008 "Beyond Horizon" >>>>

Video Documentation >>>>

Organized by: Ingeborg Fülepp / Heiko Daxl (HR/D); Jerica Ziherl, Museum Lapidariun and Galerija RIGO Novigrad / Citta Nova (HR); Niksa Gligo, University of Zagreb, Music Academy (HR)

X-OP - eXchange of art operators and producers 2008 – 2011 >>>>

X-OP - eXchange - is gradually growing network of artists, researchers, operators, produces and centers with the aim to establish European platform for creation of art and exchange. With its places, spaces and user accustomed technological infrastructure it fosters mobility of artists, theoreticians and producers. It is built to strengthen the pan-European collaboration, common production and interdisciplinary approach to art.
Therefore the artistic realisation will be outlined by various segments of creators, from practical to theoretical, each of them contouring his/her professional skills and preferences. So the production will result in a complex artistic procedure to build the art-work that will consider all aspects of approaches and will consist of all necessary elements and needed parts and facts to be ready for touring around and showing in all possible spaces.

X-OP partners:

Kibla - (SI)

Muzeum of Modern and Contenporary Art Rijeka MMSU (from 1. January 2010) - (HR)
Museum Lapidarium (untill 31. December 2009) - (HR)
Taidekoulu MAA - (FI)
Media in Motion - (DE)
Apartment Project - (TR)
Egon March Institute - (SI)
Instituto Politecnico de Tomar - (PT)
Rahmenwerk Ev - (AT)